A Path to Freedom - Believing and Obeying God's Word to Promote Healing

Separate the alters from the demons that a person has by saying, “I separate the alters from the demons with a wall of the blood of Jesus.”  Ask any angels that are there to oversee this.  Then say, “I bind and break the power of the spirits of mind control attached to the alters for dissociation.” 

Tell the person receiving ministry and their alters (who are listening) that we know that the alters love the person and have been helping the person as best they can.  However, the alters have demons associated with them because the person did not cast their cares on Jesus as they were supposed to when they were in a difficult situation.  Therefore, we are going to ask the alters to leave and be with Jesus.  After they leave, we will order the demons associated with the alters to leave and they will have to go since they were there because they were with the alters. 

Have the person receiving ministry pray the following prayer to release the alters. 
Prayer: Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask for forgiveness for the sin of creating alters.  There have been times in my life when I suffered for the lack of knowledge, but I now realize that these alters are trying to do Your job in my life.  I repent for the sin of not casting my cares on You.  I speak to all alters that I have created, and I say:  “Thank you for the job that you have done.  You were there when I needed you.  I release you from me and from your function.  I will be all right when you leave because Jesus will take good care of me and He will also take good care of you.  I want you to leave so we can get rid of the demons.”  I ask the Holy Spirit to come and fill all places where the alters are.  I forgive, release, and bless anyone who has caused me to create alters, and I ask for forgiveness for the sin of carrying any unforgiveness or judgment toward these people.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen. 

Although it is not necessary, it might be advantageous, especially to the person being ministered to, to have the alters speak to their mind so that they realize that this is real, and they really do have alters.

Say that you would like to speak to some of the alters and get some information.  Ask for one of the alters to speak to the mind of the person being ministered to and say what their name is.  Tell the alters that “You did a good job.  We just want to talk to you.  Do not be afraid.  Would you like _____ to know how you helped them?  Are the demons on the other side of the wall of the blood of Jesus?” 

You might pray, “Lord, if there is an alters there reveal it to _____.  Holy Spirit, please push up any alters if they are hiding.”   

When the alters speak to the person’s mind, thank them for speaking.  Ask questions like: “What is your name?  How old was _____ when you were formed?  What happened that caused you to be formed?  What did you do for _____?  Do you still help _____ now?  Are there other alters there that you know of?”  Also ask,  “Who is the core alter?  Are you the core alter---the comforter, the delegator, the secretary, the one in charge?”  Wait for an answer to each question to get some information. 

Ask if they know about Jesus; some of them may not be saved.  Ask if they are willing to go to be with Jesus.  Tell them that they will not have to deal with the demons anymore.  Tell them that ______ will not have to deal with the demons anymore either, since after the alters leave, we will order the demons to leave.  If they are afraid that _____ will not be all right if they leave, reassure them that Jesus will take care of _____.  Remind them that _____ has asked them to leave.  If the alters still do not want to leave, ask Jesus to come and show Himself to the alters so they will not be afraid to leave with HIm.  If the alters still are afraid to leave, reassure them and ask the person to reassure them as well.  Tell them that we want all alters that did not speak to leave with Jesus also, so that we can order the demons to leave that are associated with them.  Tell them that it is very important that all the alters leave so that we can get rid of the demons.  
When the alters say that they are willing to go and be with Jesus, have the person pray the following prayer. 

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ,  I state that these alters, spoken and unspoken, will release all their rights to me, to my mind, to my flesh, to my personality, to my spirit, to my emotions and to my bloodline.  I ask You, Lord Jesus, to come and take these alters away with You to a place where there is no fear, abuse, or rejection, and I ask them to leave with You now.  Thank You, Jesus.  Amen.

Then ask Jesus to come and take the alters with Him or send a representative to do it.  Tell the alters that are leaving that they can say good by or wave good by to the person.  Sometimes the person sees or hears the alters leave. 

This ministry will need to be done several times because all the alters do not leave.  They seem to believe that the person still needs them to be there.
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