A Path to Freedom - Believing and Obeying God's Word to Promote Healing
1.  I am very grateful to the Holy Spirit Who has guided me on this quest for healing and freedom for myself and others.  When He told me years ago that He was anointing me to set the captives free, I did not really understand, but I understand more now. 
2.  I had always wondered why both of my husbands did not want children after we got married, but not before.  After I found out about the principle of “Bitter-Root Judgment,” it made sense.  I had judged my father for not wanting children and that had defiled both of my husbands.  I wish I had known about this principle years ago because I do not have any children.  
3.  When I told a friend from Virginia about the principle of “Bitter-Root Judgment,” he said he now understood why his wife became so belligerent shortly after they were married.  He had judged his grandmother for being mean.
4.  After I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, I asked the Lord why.  All He said was “Body Memories.”  That started my quest as to what body memories were and how they affected people.  I am still learning about body memories, but I have received a lot of healing so far.  I just ask the Holy Spirit to bring to my mind things that happened in my past that caused negative body memories and I then deal with them.
5.  It has always been very difficult for me to swallow pills, especially if they were very big.  I knew that it was because a doctor had put something down my throat when I was an infant to get something I had swallowed.  I did not think that there was anything I could do about it.  After understanding some things about “Body Memories,” I told my throat to release that bad body memory.  Now I can swallow pills of any size and my throat does not automatically close up.  Actually I am amazed that it was so simple.
6.  When I told a friend about that, she said that she had trouble swallowing pills too because of having her tonsils out when she was a child.  She read about “Body Memories” and said the prayer, and she can now swallow pills easily.  I wonder how many applications there are of just this one principle.
7.  A friend of mine had a husband (who has since passed away) that hated overweight people.  He would not even speak to them.  She weighed just 106 pounds when she married him.  Because of his “Bitter-Root Judgment” concerning anyone who was overweight, she gained one hundred pounds after she married him.  She came from a family where no one was overweight, so I believe that she was defiled by his judgment.
8.  I have a friend in Florida who took care of her nephews at times when she was young.  They were typical rough boys, and she realizes now that she made an “Inner Vow” that she would not have any boys after she married.  She has had three girls and a miscarriage, and she believed at the time that the miscarriage was a boy.  He was the twin of her second daughter.
9.  Making an “Inner Vow” not to marry again after a really rough marriage and divorce has happened to two of my male friends.  Both have gone for many years without remarrying.  When they found out about “Inner Vows,” they realized what they had done.
10.  When I was first told that normal everyday people can have many alters, I thought that the idea was ridiculous.  But I have found out that it is true.  Practically everyone that I tell about alters thinks the same thing, but when we check for alters, they are there.
11.  So many Christians do not know who they are as Christians or how much God loves them.  Reading the “Love of God” and “Who We Are” topics over several times out loud can help us have a better understanding of that.  Believing lies about ourselves can really affect our lives.
12.  Back when I was first married, my husband and I lived in a mobile home in a mobile home park.  We got a bad infestation of roaches and we did everything in the natural to combat them to no avail.  I was asking the Lord what to do, and one day I just yelled and said to the roaches,  “In the name of Jesus, I curse all roaches in this home and I order you to either get out of here or die.”   After I said that I had the thought that roaches do not know English.  But in two days every roach was gone, and I started learning how much “Authority” I had as a Christian. 

13.  My friend told me a similar story.  She was staying at one of her friend’s lovely homes on Lake Lanier Island in Georgia.  After going to bed she heard something running back and forth in the attic for a while.  Then she went to sleep.  The next night the same thing started happening.  She did not want to lose sleep again, so she said,  “In the name of Jesus, whatever you are, drop dead.”  She heard it immediately fall over and all was quiet.  I was a large wharf rat with babies, and all of them were dead.  The Lord taught her that life and death is in the power of the tongue, and we have “Authority.”  Our "Words" have power behind them, so we need to be careful what we say.  We can curse what needs to be cursed and we can also say
 a "Spoken Blessing" over whatever needs to be blessed.
14.  A friend of mine told me that she was feeling very rejected by her husband.  He was sleeping as far away from her as he could, etc.  I asked her who she felt had rejected her in the past.  She said her father and a previous husband.  We went over the prayers of "Forgiveness" and "Bitter-Root Judgment" for these men in the area of rejection.  The change from her husband was immediate and wonderful.  He now sleeps with his arms around her and can't keep his hands off her.
15.  A Christian company that I know has large machines that make the products that they sell.  They have been having trouble with these machines breaking down or just stopping for no reason.  The leadership has been learning about the way "Sin Defiles" the environment around it.  They have noticed that these machines tend to stop when there are words of discontent or swearing around the machines.  Therefore, they have spoken words of cleansing over the machines.  Then they placed Scriptures on the machines and they put a sign on each machine that said not to swear or speak negative words around the machines.  One of the machines that was stopping every 15 minutes ran for 5 hours straight to the end of the shift with no problems after this was done.  At another plant one of the machines stopped and they found out that the worker was thinking about committing suicide, so it seems that even thoughts can effect the environment.  Philippians 4:8 does tell us to think only about positive things.
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